If you’re looking to change the way you eat, I can help!

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I’ve heard about raw food but don’t know where to start.
  • I would like to eat more plant-based food, but I feel like I won’t be able to eat anything that tastes good!
  • I don’t have time for raw food – end of story.
  • I want to be healthy, but I could not live without cheese and chocolate.
  • I’m a busy mom and/or wife and don’t know how to manage keeping us healthy and fed without stressing out.
  • I have a baby and care about his/her health, but don’t know where to start with eco-lifestyle choices.
  • I am vegan and/or gluten-free, and can’t find anything to eat where I am living.
  • There’s no way I can stay healthy while travelling or living overseas.
  • I’m an expat and need to get my household in healthy order!

If you shouted “yes” to any of the above, you are in the right place! My mission is to help give you the tools to get your life in order, thrive on a plant-based diet, and have a healthy home, whether you are a family of one or of many. In a nutshell, I teach women how they can easily live healthy every day, whether it is turning their households into a people- and planet-friendly nest of well-being, or showing them how to travel the world and live as an expat while effortlessly staying organized and eating nourishing foods on the road instead of travel junk food. I have a passion for all things raw and vegan, gluten-free and superfood. I can show you how to feed your family the best food available to you, without complication and no matter where in the world you call home. I’m passionate about the environment and sustainability, and only want the best for my family’s home environment and health, so if you feel the same way, step on in to my digital HQ and make yourself at home!

What do I know about raw, vegan food?

You can count on me to ‘walk the talk’ of healthy living – I only prepare the best food in our home (with the possible exception of a few special family recipes at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter). Although I have been known to indulge at events and parties outside the home, inside, it’s a different story. I prepare the freshest and best quality food I can source (depending on where we are in the world, of course) and we don’t live on junk! I’m not the type who post photos of a healthy one-off meal on social media to pass it off for our daily lifestyle – it’s really what happening here for us, every day. I invite you to ambush my kitchen fridge and cabinets if you don’t believe me!

Of course, things weren’t always this way. Back when I was single, I ate much more than my fair share of junk, but a complete life change in my 30s saw me dabbling in raw veganism as a better way of life for myself, and my husband. Internet recipes, un-cooking books and lots of practice resulted in us drastically changing our diets, leading me back to the US to learn more advanced skills in the kitchen.

I’m now a trained raw food chef certified in the Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine (120 hour course) at Matthew Kenney Academy (formerly 105 degrees Academy) in the US, which was the world’s first classically-structured raw and living foods education center. I’ve also successfully completed the Academy’s Plant-Based Desserts program (25 hour online course). I taught raw food preparation classes regularly in Bangkok for five years, and used to produce raw food and fermented drinks for resale and home delivery. I’ve also been a recipe tester for numerous published raw food books, including celebrity raw chef Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Asia and 15-Day Fat Blast.

What do I know about families, travel and being an expat?

My Scottish husband Kevin and I have lived in 5 countries in 8 years of marriage – the U.S., India, Thailand, the U.A.E. and now Saudi Arabia, in addition to my pre-marriage university stints in Scotland (I completed two graduate degrees there). And I’m not talking about backpacking, travelling or being a ‘digital nomad’ doing visa runs while snagging free internet in hip cafes. I mean we actually were legal residents in those locations – resident visas, multiple year leases on dwellings, government ids, child born and enrolled in school, and registered with the ‘feds’, so-to-speak. I know what it’s like to have to pick up and move in a flash (with a house full of furniture and possessions), buy and sell cars, navigate finding housing with zero help from relocation agents and the like, all with a little one in tow.

I’ve learned how to run an eco-friendly household on my own without staff (we don’t employ a maid or nanny like many (most?) expats in the places where we have lived), and I have successfully navigated healthy living in an unfamiliar place, time and time again. In addition, I’ve transformed myself from a junk-binging single woman to a raw food prepping wife and mother, and I can help you to do the same, all while having fun and continuing to enjoy life! Having a dual nationality marriage and raising a third culture kid does present its fair share of challenges, but I believe the rewards are great, and there shouldn’t be many obstacles which a little bit of planning, preparation and organization can’t help you overcome!

How can I help you?

I help women around the world live healthier and happier by giving them the tools to organize their life (and especially their kitchen) around clean, fresh, simple food that their whole family will love. Life is too short to spend it stressed out and overwhelmed, stuck in a vortex of chaos and junk food!

Ice Cream That Everyone Can Scream For is full of raw, dairy-free, and nutrient-dense ice cream recipes which I hope you’ll love! There’s no reason to feed your child (or yourself!) toxic treats, but no need to deprive yourself, either. Download my ebook (or grab the print version from Amazon) and you can be whipping up decadent, healthy ice cream in your own kitchen today!

If you’re looking for raw, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free and paleo-friendly recipes, my growing recipe blog will give you some great basic ‘go-to’ foods that are easy to make and can become regular staples in your weekly meal plans.

My lifestyle blog features healthy living ideas, travel tips, and advice on how to thrive as an expat – both for those who already live outside their home countries and those who hope to set off on an adventure in the future.

I’ll have a new raw ebook coming out soon, as well as my first online course launching later in 2017, so get connected for updates and free material you’ll love (it’s free to subscribe)!


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Professional Bio

Jennifer M.S. Robertson is known online as The Raw Expat™ and the author of Ice Cream That Everyone Can Scream For, a raw vegan recipe book catering to lovers of frozen, sweet treats. She’s an American expatriate wife and mother, a trained raw foods chef and educator, a certified placenta encapsulation specialist, and holds both Master’s and PhD degrees in fisheries science, serving as an Honorary Researcher at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Jennifer’s academic literature has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, and her articles and recipes have been featured on prominent health and wellness websites, including The Huffington Post.

Having lived as a resident expat in Scotland, India, Thailand, the U.A.E. and currently relocating to Saudi Arabia, Jennifer’s mission is to educate women, particularly mothers, on how to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle no matter where they find themselves, with a passionate focus on raw, vegan, and gluten-free natural foods. Check out her recipes, writings and tips and tricks for healthy living around the world at jennifermsrobertson.com, and access her free guide to eating well while travelling by clicking here.