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In September 2008, my husband Kevin and I set off with a cat and a couple of boxes to Mumbai, India. My blog, The Robertsons of Mumbai, was created to serve as an informative report to our families, and continued as we were eventually transferred to Thailand. Raw food abounds, stomach bugs and arachnids pose an ever-lingering threat, and plenty of Thai mispronunciations ensure that our journey is often-tragic but always-comical. We hope you will benefit from these posts if you are a traveller, mother, household manager, health food fanatic, or lover of Asia. Click on a category that interests you and settle in with a nice cup of vegan chai tea!


How I Beat Anxiety Naturally – Part 2

holi powder

Two weeks ago I posted about my journey to anxiety (How I Beat Anxiety Naturally  – Part 1) and today I am excited to share with you my journey away from it (for the most part, anyway)! Disclaimer #1: I am in no way putting down anyone who chooses to take prescription medication for either short term or…


How I Beat Anxiety Naturally – Part 1

After much deliberation, I decided that I wanted to share my story and journey with anxiety – more specifically, how I beat anxiety naturally – which started last spring. It has almost been a year since I was at my worst, and what a long way I have come! When I initially shared my experiences on my…


Healthy Asian Food in Dubai

Until recently, I had a fear of Asian food here in our new home of Dubai. I avoided it like the plague. Why, you might be wondering? The main reason is that I’m hyper-sensitive to MSG. I get a terrible (terrible!) headache, heart palpitations, and generally feel like I want to jump out of my…


Which is Better: IHerb or Vitacost

iherb or vitacost

For health-food addicts living outside of their home country, it is often difficult (or completely impossible) to find things you might be accustomed to, such as pantry staples, special dietary items, decent quality vitamins and supplements, favorite ‘natural’ toiletries and preferred cleaning products. I’m all for trying out and supporting local products when living abroad,…


Green Tea Truffles

Green Tea Truffles

Japanese Kit Kat candy bars come in numerous unique flavors, to say the least, one of which is green tea.  I never would have imagined how good the combination of green tea and white chocolate would taste until I first made these Green Tea Truffles.  If you are not a fan of green tea, you…