About the Blog

In September 2008, my husband Kevin and I set off with a cat and a couple of boxes to Mumbai, India. My original blog, The Robertsons of Mumbai, was created to serve as an informative report to our families, and changed into a healthy living expat chronicle as we were transferred to Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand a year and a half later. Six more years of raw food, stomach bugs and arachnids posed an ever-lingering threat, and plenty of Thai mispronunciations ensured that our journey was often-tragic but always-comical. In January 2016 we moved to Dubai, U.A.E., where we continue to reside. We hope you will benefit from these posts if you are a traveller, mother, household manager, health food fanatic, or lover of cultural adventures. Click on a category that interests you and settle in with a nice cup of vegan chai, lemongrass tea, or Arabic coffee!


Raising a Human: The 12th Month

Oh, baby!: The 12th month was a very exciting, not only because it marked a year of our baby’s existence outside of my belly, but because there were many ‘firsts’ that Fergus was able to experience. He started standing without holding onto something for support, took his first two steps on the deck of a boat…


Raw Copenhagen

Our family traveled to Scotland in December, and we decided to make a weekend trip from Aberdeen to Copenhagen to experience some Christmas cheer, which is sorely lacking in our Bangkok home. I booked us in for two nights at the Tivoli Hotel and Conference Center, which was a wonderful hotel for children. Whimsically-themed rooms,…


Easy Zucchini Pasta With Cherry Tomatoes, Olives & Basil

Making pasta out of vegetables offers a low calorie alternative to traditional carbohydrate-rich pasta bases.  Part salad, part entrée, this zucchini pasta is heavy enough to satisfy your hunger, yet light enough to keep you off of the couch after dinner. Ingredients: 1 shallot, peeled 1 cup cherry tomatoes, cut in half lengthwise ¼ cup black olives,…


Raising a Human: The 11th Month

Oh, baby!: It’s the 11th month, and Fergus can now travel! He is moving from one piece of furniture to another while standing. This has him migrating around the perimeter of rooms at a surprising speed. The 11 month saw two exciting events come and go. First, he received a haircut! Although his hair is…


A Weekend in Vientiane

Our family trio recently took a weekend trip to Vientiane, Laos for a little exploring. Baby Fergus was a little less than 9 months old, and the trip from Bangkok was a breeze. The center of Vientiane is small, condensed, safe and very walk-able, even with a stroller in tow. If you prefer, you can…