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In September 2008, my husband Kevin and I set off with a cat and a couple of boxes to Mumbai, India. My original blog, The Robertsons of Mumbai, was created to serve as an informative report to our families, and changed into a healthy living expat chronicle as we were transferred to Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand a year and a half later. Six more years of raw food, stomach bugs and arachnids posed an ever-lingering threat, and plenty of Thai mispronunciations ensured that our journey was often-tragic but always-comical. In January 2016 we moved to Dubai, U.A.E., where we continue to reside. We hope you will benefit from these posts if you are a traveller, mother, household manager, health food fanatic, or lover of cultural adventures. Click on a category that interests you and settle in with a nice cup of vegan chai, lemongrass tea, or Arabic coffee!


Raw Holiday Treats

Advanced Raw Chocolate Class

Sunday, November 16th, 2014, 9:00am – 12:30pm 2,500 Thai baht *This class is currently sold-out. To be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations, please contact us at info@jennifermsrobertson.com.* There is no need let your waistline expand during holiday celebrations!  Spice up the holiday season, raw food style, by expanding your taste buds…


Raising a Human: The 10th Month

Oh, baby!: The 10th month has seen Fergus’ crawling picking up speed, and he can now stand up just using one hand to hold onto something, freeing his opposite hand to gt into trouble, which has meant I needed to re-evaluate the decorative household items we have at Fergus-head-and-hand height. He seems most especially thrilled…


Three Fruit Spritzer

Three Fruit Spritzer

Ever end up at a holiday party and the only non-alcoholic beverages were tap water or Coke? Here’s a refreshing mocktail – my Three Fruit Spritzer – that delivers the gift of good health, along with holiday cheer. In Thailand, we are lucky enough to be able to find cold-pressed juice at markets and grocery…


Raising a Human: The 9th Month

Oh, baby!: In the 9th month, Fergus made massive strides in physical development this month – he crawls! It seems he was a bit of a late bloomer on this milestone, but we didn’t mind. Once he started crawling, it was just a day or two before he was exploring the farthest reaches of the…


What Can You Do With Nut Milk Pulp?

What can you do with nut milk pulp

If you’ve been making nut and seed milks (and if not, get your groove on with this base recipe!), you’ll notice that you often have quite a bit of nut ‘pulp’ – the remaining fine pieces of nuts or seeds in your nut milk bag – left over. As good quality, raw nuts and seeds…