About the Blog

In September 2008, my husband Kevin and I set off with a cat and a couple of boxes to Mumbai, India. My original blog, The Robertsons of Mumbai, was created to serve as an informative report to our families, and changed into a healthy living expat chronicle as we were transferred to Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand a year and a half later. Six more years of raw food, stomach bugs and arachnids posed an ever-lingering threat, and plenty of Thai mispronunciations ensured that our journey was often-tragic but always-comical. In January 2016 we moved to Dubai, U.A.E., where we continue to reside. We hope you will benefit from these posts if you are a traveller, mother, household manager, health food fanatic, or lover of cultural adventures. Click on a category that interests you and settle in with a nice cup of vegan chai, lemongrass tea, or Arabic coffee!


Raising a Human: The 8th Month

Sporting the Robertson tartan baby kilt Oh, baby!: The most exciting happening during the 8th month? Fergus sprouted a tooth! After months of diligently checking each morning to see if a much-awaited oral visitor had popped out during the night, I actually completely stopped probing his fly trap and somewhat forgot about the whole situation. During his…


Raising a Human: The 7th Month

Oh, baby!: In the 7th month, Fergus and I made our way back to Bangkok solo, with a special guest in-tow – his grandma! She saw him for the first time the day before we left Houston, and it was a very long journey for her to travel to Asia! She spent the month here…


Raising a Human: The 6th Month

The 6th month involved an emergency trip to Aberdeen, Scotland, which I was completely unprepared for. Thankfully, he was not too bad on the flights (see baby flying tips here). We spent almost two weeks in the UK trying not to freeze our butts off, came back to Bangkok for a few days, then were off…


Baby-A-Go-Go: How Not to Get Lynched When Flying With A Baby

Fergus at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, at 4:00am When I was pregnant, I remember coming across blog posts on the interwebs regarding flying with babies. They were always written by some Type-A soccer mom who thought that she knew everything about flying with a baby because she once flew from Point A (some random, forgettable American city) to…


Raising a Human: The 5th Month

Oh, baby!: At the 5th month, Fergus can now grab his feet, and even put them into his mouth! This has been good for the mama, as it provides him with a few minutes of self-entertainment every now and then. We signed him up for Gymboree – a weekly baby “play and learn” class. The first class he…