Nutter Butter Date Snacks

Fruit and nuts are the perfect snack and deliver carbohydrates, protein and good fats to keep your little ones’ tummies (and your own!) full. Ingredients: Medjool dates Raw nut butter of choice (e.g., cashew butter, almond butter) or raw nuts (whole or halves) Instructions: Slice open one side of the date with a knife, spread […]

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Chocolate-Covered Cherry Smoothie

This smoothie takes me back to the not-so-healthy days of my youth, when I would always grab the little foil-wrapped chocolate-covered cherries out of a box of chocolates as my first choice for an indulgence. This drink is healthy enough to enjoy for breakfast, but still guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for a real treat […]

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Açai Superfood Bowl

‘Açai bowls’ are apparently native to Brazil, where the açai berry palm thrives. However, in recent years, the açai bowl phenomenon has spread to the US, and it is a popular menu item at healthy cafés. What is essentially a smoothie in a bowl is created by blending the fruit and combining it with other […]

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Easy Zucchini Pasta With Cherry Tomatoes, Olives & Basil

Making pasta out of vegetables offers a low calorie alternative to traditional carbohydrate-rich pasta bases.  Part salad, part entrée, this dish is heavy enough to satisfy your hunger, yet light enough to keep you off of the couch after dinner. Ingredients: 1 shallot, peeled 1 cup cherry tomatoes, cut in half lengthwise ¼ cup black […]

Three Fruit Spritzer

Three Fruit Spritzer

Ever end up at a holiday party and the only non-alcoholic beverages were tap water or Coke? Here’s a refreshing mocktail that delivers the gift of good health, along with holiday cheer. In Thailand, we are lucky enough to be able to find cold-pressed juice at markets and grocery stores. If you do not have […]

What can you do with nut milk pulp

What Can You Do With Nut Milk Pulp?

If you’ve been making nut and seed milks (and if not, get your groove on with this base recipe!), you’ll notice that you often have quite a bit of nut ‘pulp’ – the remaining fine pieces of nuts or seeds in your nut milk bag – left over. As good quality, raw nuts and seeds […]

Kombucha questions answered

Kombucha Questions Answered

After last month’s post on How to Make Kombucha, we received a slew of email questions regarding brewing difficulties and concerns. Here is our best attempt to address your most popular culturing issues, in hopes of helping you achieving success in your home kitchen! My kombucha still tastes like sweetened tea, AND/OR I am not […]

How to make kombucha

How to Make Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented beverage made from tea and a source of sugar. Although plain (unflavored) black tea is perhaps most commonly used, white tea or even mildly flavored varieties will also produce an enjoyable kombucha end-product. Although there is a lack of published, peer-reviewed scientific proof that regularly drinking kombucha cures diseases or health imbalances, many people insist that […]

Basic Green Juice

Basic Green Juice

This simple basic go-to recipe for ‘green juice’ will have you hydrated, alkalized and energized in the morning. Extra lemon and ginger can be added, according to your personal preferences. Ingredients: 2 cucumbers 2 stems of kale 1 green apple or pear 1 carrot or peeled beet (beetroot) 1/2 lemon 1/2 inch knob of ginger, peeled […]