Hmong Vintage Baby Carrier

Hmong people have a longstanding tradition of textile-making, and their designs are unmistakably recognizable by their common features such as indigo batik and bright colored embroidery. Typically fashioned from hemp or cotton, large, rectangular-shaped panels of fabric serve as a means to carry babies – both on the front of the body and on the back – while working, travelling or taking care of household duties. Our carriers were personally sourced from Laos, and have been gently washed in eco-friendly detergent and ironed by hand. Any defects are from natural wear and tear while in use by Hmong tribal people, and are an indication of the authenticity of their use (i.e., these are not factory-made baby carriers produced for the tourist industry, but baby carriers made and lovingly used by actual Hmong people).

Our Hmong baby carriers make a special and meaningful gift for a friend or relative’s new baby (or your own!), can be hung on the wall (framed or left unframed), can be used as a creative and colorful fabric base to make throw pillow covers, handbags, or clothing (think little girls’ dresses!).

Please note: Our carriers do not include straps, as our customers use the carriers for many different things and we have chosen to leave them in the condition which we discovered them in. If you would like to sew straps onto the carriers and use them as they were originally intended, please see strap instructions here. Due to the age and condition of some of the carriers, we cannot be held liable for use of the carriers to hold babies, toddlers, pets, etc., and the buyer assumes all responsibility for the safety of the child if intending to use the carriers for anything other than a decorative item.