Hmong Vintage Baby Hats

Hmong baby hats are each lovingly handcrafted and every hat is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Our hats were sourced and hand-picked in Vietnam, and all are vintage, of varying ages. These beautiful examples of Hmong textile work were made for and worn by Hmong babies. Many of the hats feature French colonial or communist-era Vietnamese coins on the top, as well as embellishments such as ribbons, tassels, or pouches filled with rice or herbs, believed to be auspicious for the baby and bring good luck or fortune. Hmong baby hats are worn in order to protect the little ones from evil spirits, and the floral patterns, colors and embroidered designs are culturally-specific to the Hmong people of the hills of Thailand, Lao, and Vietnam and China.

All hats have been gently washed in eco-friendly detergent. Any defects are from natural wear and tear while in use by Hmong tribal people, and are an indication of the authenticity of their use (i.e., these are not factory-made hats produced for the tourist industry, but hats made and lovingly used by actual Hmong people).

Our Hmong baby hats make a special and meaningful gift for a friend or relative’s new baby (or your own!), can be used as a display piece in the home (curio cabinet, on a shelf, or on a stand), can be framed and hung on a wall, or can be used to decorate a doll or other child’s toy.